Right of Way Maintenance

Vegetation Management

Cain's Mechanical is a proven leader in right of way vegetation management. We have maintained thousands of acres of right of way throughout the north eastern USA. Our crews are equipped with the proper equipment to complete vegetation management on any terrain in any weather. We have remote controlled mulchers, aerial trimming saws, chippers, trucks and excavators to clear from ground to sky. Steep slopes, sensitive wetlands, remote locations, or on the sides of highways vegetation is no match for Cain's! Sensitive habitats are our specialty as we strive to have the least impactful footprint.

Road Building/ Access Construction/ Erosion Repair

Erosion is a leading cause of right of way problems. Keeping a properly graded and maintained right of way will ensure stable soil and proper vegetation growth. When erosion strikes a quick and effective repair is crucial in protecting infrastructure assets as well as our environment. We are able to build, maintain, and repair ROWs in any location. 

On The Job